Photos of Oregon Streams.

Welcome! This Web site provides guidance on how to perform basic hydrologic evaluations, especially for ungaged sites on small and moderate-size streams. The information and examples are geared toward Oregon, but can be applied to other regions.

The hydrologic methods explained on this site include:

This site contains definitions of various hydrologic terms, a detailed explanation for each method, step-by-step examples and tutorials, links to data sources, and some tips for manipulating and managing data.

This site was originally developed in 2002 by OSU Water Resources Engineering graduate students Vaishali Bogavelli and Derron Coles and Professor Peter Klingeman. Revisions and additions were made in 2005 by Maria Wright. It was supported by the OSU Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Department and the state water institutes program of the U.S. Geological Survey.


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